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Latex Pricing Update

Latex Pricing UpdateLatex Pricing Update

Expert opinions are predicting that rubber prices are likely to rise due to anticipated supply decreases as a result of adverse weather conditions in the major rubber producing regions of East Malaysia and Southern Thailand. Heavy rains have caused flash flooding and landslides destroying some plantations in Thailand completely. Replanted plantations will take approximately 7 years to mature and start producing rubber.

It is also anticipated that governments will intervene in order to support latex prices at higher levels than are currently being seen.

Neomedic extends Neocare range

Neomedic_extends_Neocare_rangeA growing elderly population and rising incidence of incontinence diseases comprise the driving forces for the incontinence product market.  It is a very common problem and is thought to affect more than 50 million people in the developed world alone.


There are many reasons for urinary incontinence and the leakage can vary from mild or occasional, to an inability to hold any urine.  Reasons such as stress, urinary tract, bladder abnormalities or childbirth are a few of the many reasons why adults become incontinent.  Although incontinence is not considered to be a life threatening condition, it can be very inconvenient and embarrassing.


Neomedic Limited's expanded Neocare range now further assists both patients and care providers to manage incontinence.  The addition of bed sheets and insert pads into this range (available in a variety of specifications) widen the incontinence management options available from a reputable and recognised brand.

Neomedic to exhibit at FIME


Neomedic Limited is proud to announce its participation at FIME 2012,Miami Beach, Florida. 

                                           Further details to be announced.

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