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Neomedic Product Range

Neomedic Limited's thirteen product ranges provide a combination of sound quality, well branded, high volume consumables along with higher value, advanced medical disposables for more specialist use.

These cover the entire market spectrum with a single brand of disposables which meet most of the common requirements of hospitals, clinics and primary care units.

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Neomedic MediplastRoll and Strip Plasters

Mediplast is a range of high quality roll and strip plasters designed to meet the vast majority of clinical and first aid treatments.


Neomedic NeocareA trusted solution for adult incontinence combining discreet design with superior absorbency and comfort.

A versatile diaper that is simple to wear


Neomedic NeoglovesPremium Quality Medical Gloves

Neogloves is a high quality range of medical gloves that consist of latex and non-latex, powder and powder-free & sterile and non-sterile gloves.


Neomedic NeojectPremium Disposable Syringes & Needles

Neoject is a range of disposable syringes and needles using the finest quality materials, the range offers a precise, safe and relatively painless syringe and needle combination.


Neomedic NeosoftNeosoft diapers are super absorbent with a breathable outer layer and flexible waistband thus ensuring that every baby remains dry and secure at all times

  • Advanced formula super absorbent core


  • Ensures that moisture is retained for an extended period without risk of leakage.


  • Flexible waistband allows for uninhibited movement and activity.


  • Breathable outer layer keeps baby’s skin dry and healthy at all times.


  • Attractively packaged in a number of easy to gauge sizes and pack options


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Neomedic NeotulleNeotulle is Neomedic Limited’s brand name for paraffin impregnated gauze swabs.

A much used primary wound contact layer that allows treatment of an exuding wound


Neomedic MedisafeAdhesive Plasters

Medisafe is a set of non woven adhesive plasters and film dressings for dressing sensitive wounds, incisions and other traumatic injuries.


Neomedic NeocastPlaster of Paris, Undercast Padding.

Neocast consists of Plaster of Paris. The product line includes:

  • Plaster of Paris, Undercast Padding


Neomedic NeoguardSingle use disposable protective apparel created from high quality non-woven materials to suit numerous requirements and levels of protection.

The Neoguard range incorporates


Neomedic NeosafeCotton Wool, Gauze & Bandages

Neosafe is an exciting range of medical dressings consisting of Cotton based Absorbent Gauze, Absorbent Cotton Wool, WOW Bandages & Swabs and the latest in non-woven cushioned dressings.


Neomedic NeosportSport Bandages, & Supports

Neosport is a set of specially designed bandages and braces that provide stability to weak and injured joints.


Neomedic NeovacCatheters, Infusion & Transfusion Sets

Neovac is a range of infusion, transfusion and catheterisation devices.


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